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Dog Kennels

All Kennels are equipped with Refrigerated AC units. All have both indoor and outdoor access.  


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Security Surveillance

24-Hour Surveillance

Cat Kennels

Have the option of opting your cats to be alone or to enjoy each other's company.

Therapy Pool

A perfect solution to older dogs who have issues with their hips.

Outdoor Excercise

Peace of mind, knowing your furry friends are getting plenty of outdoor excercise.

Veterinary Care

Around the clock access to veterinary care, if needed.

Day Care

Contact us for pricing

Personal Photos

Updates are texted to you of your furry little loved one, if requested.


Optional but available.


24 Hour care by a team of professional animal lovers.

24 Hour Access

If an emergency were too arise, you have 24 hour emergency access to one of our team members.

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